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What exactly do they all mean? What are the different colors? Why are there different configurations of these lights between the older and newer train sets? 4.9 Why does Chicago use the "theater row" seating in their cars - that is, an aisle with rows of transverse seats on either side of the aisle. It seems a clumsy and inefficient use of space, it makes it difficult for people to move about the car during rush hour. Why not have seating against the walls of the cars and more standing room in the center of the cars as in the new York, dc and London subway systems? 4.10 What is the current status of the 3500-series car project? When are the 3500s being delivered?

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4.5 When is the 2600 rehab contract finishing? 4.6 Why do "L" past cars have boy only two doors per side? I look at many different railcars in America like new York, philadelphia, los Angeles, boston. And most of them have three or sometimes four doors per side on their railcars. How come cta railcars only have two? 4.7 Are the cta railcars shorter than that of the nycta (New York city Transit Authority) or other cities? To me they look a lot shorter in length. 4.8 i've noticed there are light, usually in sets of three, next to every door on each car. The color and amount of lights next to particular doors varies depending on the series of train series. What's the deal with these lights?

Rolling Stock.1 Why were the 4000-series cars incompatible with all the latter series cars? Why did the cta make the same "mistake" again by making the 6000s incompatible with later cars? 4.2 Above you said the 4000s didn't have remote door control and a few other features, but I remember seeing them with these features. 4.3 When were the last of the wooden cars retired? 4.4 i've noticed a two car unit numbered. I thought only series cars were ordered - not 258. Also, 3458's sides were not corrugated like the rest of the 3200s. What is proposal with these two cars?

transit resume

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Is his explanation correct? If so, why wasn't the principle used elsewhere on the system? 3.13 Today, the loop - as in Chicago's downtown district - is synonymous with the "L s loop Elevated. But some have suggested that this name summary for Chicago's downtown originated not with the elevated line but with a streetcar loop that encircled downtown years before the "L" opened? So, which is truly the origin of the nickname? 3.14 Why do the trains always go so slow down between location and location? 3.15 What are the wa zone lab signs/wa control boxes along the right-of-way? What is a wa zone? What does "WA" stand for?

What this might be for? (see question.2 ).11 Most of the "L" structures in the city are comprised of steel girders. However, the structure between Lawrence and Howard on the red Line and up past Central Street on the purple line is built on a solid right-of-way above grade, similar to the paralleling Metra/Union Pacific right-of-way. How were these above-grade structures built? When was the above-grade right-of-way built and why wasn't a standard steel elevated structure used? 3.12 i've noticed that the elevation of the tracks on a stretch on the Green Line around the Illinois Institute of Technology goes up and down like a roller coaster. Someone once said this was to facilitate gaining and reducing speed when entering and leaving stations.

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transit resume

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Why were they never torn down? Do they someday plan to return this part of the system to use? If i am correct, wasn't there a madison Street stop right there by the United Center? . Why did they discontinue service on these tracks in the first place? 3.6 Can you tell me essay what the deal is with the heat lamps at the portals of the subway tunnels? . They seem to be on at all times of the year, and the train seems to zoom past it too quickly to be of any real use.

3.7 Were there ever any plans to demolish the Chicago 'l' system and replace it with subways, as has been done in New York and Boston? 3.8 The congress (Forest Park) branch right-of-way is a lot wider than it needs. What is the extra space for? 3.9 When the Blue line emerges from the milwaukee-dearborn Subway east of uic-halsted station, there are two extra portals to the north of the two the Blue line uses. What are these two unused subway portals for? Have they ever been used? 3.10 i've noticed that in the dearborn Subway of the Blue line, there appears to be a short spur, apparently heading to the west, between the Grand/Milwaukee and Clark/lake stops.

2.9 Why aren't there public restrooms in "L" stations? 2.10 On some platforms, i see signs that read "Rush hour Stop" on poles, some of the the light posts, canopies, etc. When the stations are open and trains stop at these stations even when it's not rush hour. What's the deal with these signs and where did they come from? Tracks and Connections.1 Why doesn't the third rail short out when it gets wet or rained on? 3.2 What is the story behind the abandonment of two of the four tracks on the ravenswood between Armitage and Chicago?

Why is it only two tracks between Chicago and Tower 18? 3.3 What are those stingers used for that you see along the cta tracks? I assume they do something along with the third rail, but what do they do exactly? 3.4 I wanted to know about the smaller gauge tracks that are inside the regular tracks on some portions of the "L". 3.5 i've noticed some abandoned "L" tracks along paulina between lake and Harrison. Were these one part of the Blue line?

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Are any of them going to be made full time again? 2.5 Is the cta going to ever make better use of the led displays on the platforms? 2.6 Why don't you have a profile page or pictures of (insert station name here) in the Stations section? I really like that station and think it deserves to be in there! 2.7 i've always wondered about having to go all the way to 51st to transfer between the Englewood and Jackson Park branches. (58th was an A station and Garfield was a b station.) wouldn't it have made more sense to allow people to transfer at 58th, with its closer location and easily-crossable island platform? 2.8 At most stations, a portion of the platform has a yellow stripe painted along edge, usually toward the middle and about 10 feet long. It can't be a warning lab line to keep back from the edge, since it doesn't run the length of the platform. What does this line mean?

transit resume

Why is the east platform abandoned? What happened to its canopy? What happened to the wilson Shops? What's the origin of the spur track to the west? Was the platform there ever used? Where does it go south of Wilson? 2.4 What's the history of the part-Time stations? When did it happen, and which stations were originally made theater part-time?

Yet they have enough money undertake massive projects like renovating the douglas, dan ryan, and Brown lines. Why don't they just use the money from these improvement and expansion projects to keep transit services funded and hold the line on fares instead? Why does cta prohibit eating on "L" cars but have concessions in stations that sell food? Stations.1 Why are there so many different station signs? Why are they all different colors, types, etc? 2.2 How many "L" stations are there? What is the most there's ever been? 2.3 What's the deal with the wilson station?

If you have a question you'd like answered, contact. Feedback and additional information are also appreciated. General/Overview, stations, tracks and, connections, rolling, stock. Operations, abandoned, disused demolished Facilities/Lines, future Plans and, projects. General/Overview.1, is it spelled "L" or "el"? And why hibernation does Chicago call it the "L" rather than the "el as New York city and other cities do? 1.2, what does cta stand for? 1.3, why is it called the "L" if it isn't always elevated?

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Org: Frequently Asked questions (FAQ). A system as old, complex and eclectic as the "L" is bound to pose a loyalty few questions every now and then, even to the most experienced rider. So, below are a compilation of the most Frequently. Asked questions (also known as faqs) about the Chicago "L". It is by no means complete, but does contain a few common head-scratchers. Questions regarding the policies, content, and use of this web site are also answered here. Questioned are grouped by general subject, in no particular order.

transit resume
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  4. A: Whether the Chicago rapid transit system is officially referred to as the l or the el seems to be a matter of opinion, but the most commonly accepted version.

  5. View and Download, ford transit 2015 owner's manual online. Transit 2015 Automobile pdf manual download. 1.1 Q: Is it spelled l or el? And why does Chicago call it the l rather than the el, as New York city and other cities do?

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