Summer holiday writing

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summer holiday writing

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Many people today lack these qualities. I would like to have such a four-footed friend. This summer i also went to the sea, visited my grandmother, and spent the rest of the time at home. In July, i had a trip to the sea with my family. The weather was nice, so we swam and sunbathe. The water was warm and transparent. We also saw the sights of Anapa and took photos. We also went to the zoo, which left a lot of good impressions.

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Summer is the most beautiful time of the year. The three summer months give us a lot good of new impressions. Summer is the time when I can do everything I like. I like to play football, swim in the river, go to the forest, and travel. This summer I did a lot of sports — i played football in the school stadium almost every day. During this summer holidays, i walked, bathed and sunbathed much. When it rained, i read books. One of them was Jack london's «White fang». I really liked the book. It is about a wolf dog, very devoted and fair, capable of great and sincere affection.

I like growing fruit and vegetables. My dad always tells me something interesting about plants and nature. I like to walk in the summer forest with my friends or with my parents. We essay often go to the river. This year we went fishing with my dad. We got up early, took our fishing rods and went to the nearest lake. We caught a lot of fish. Summer is the most wonderful time for. I always look forward to summer holidays.

summer holiday writing

End of year writing prompts goodbye school, hello summer!

We went swimming and fishing. My summer holidays fly surprisingly fast. Now the school year has just begun, but I'm already waiting for new vacations, new impressions report and new friends. My summer holiday - short essay. I like summer very much. This doesnt mean that I dont like spring, winter or autumn, but the fact that you do not need to get up early to go to school and you neednt do your homework every day makes summer my favorite season. During my summer holidays, i do everything I like most of all. I play football, spend time with my parents and friends. Usually, i spend my summer holidays in the country.

I made a lot of new friends and got to know my classmates better than at school. When I returned home after the camp, together with my parents we went to the Crimea to have a rest by the sea. We stayed in a nice hotel in feodosia. I really liked the stony beaches, blue sea, and numerous excursions. Mom and Dad allowed me to scuba dive and I saw the life of the seabed. I also visited the water park, made trips on a motor ship, and rode horses. My rest by the sea was unforgettable. In August, i went to the country to visit my grandparents. I have many friends in the village where my grandparents live and we spent time together.

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summer holiday writing

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We swam there, played soccer and other handwriting games, watched concerts, and went to the discos in the evenings. We also went on excursions and visited many interesting places museums, art galleries, theatres. I made many new friends. I really enjoyed in the camp. How I spent my summer vacation. My summer vacations this year early were interesting and memorable. Every day was filled with events.

In June, together with classmates, we went to a camp. I liked the camp very much. We played sports games, competed in various sports, took part in various competitions. In the evenings, we went to the disco. I enjoyed discos as I like music and dancing.

At weekends, i went to the country with my family. In July, we went to the Black sea. I liked the sea very much. I swam and sunbathed. I even saw dolphins.

I had a lot of fun. I took many photos and made new friends. Holidays in summer camp. I spent this summer holidays in the summer camp «Star». The camp is not far from the volga river. It was very interesting in the camp.

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Summer holidays bill are the longest. This year I spent my summer holidays in the country. Most of the time i walked, cycled, spent time with my friends. When the weather was hot, we went words to the river. In the evenings, i helped my mother water the beds in the garden. I liked my summer holidays very much. Holidays by the sea. This year I spent most of the summer holidays in the city.

summer holiday writing

It was wonderful day. We had a very good time. Now my holidays are over and i am looking festival forward to the next ones. I suppose they will be much better. We will write a custom essay sample. The summer holiday or any similar topic only for you. Holidays in the country. Summer is my favorite time of the year.

mountains with my father. It was very interesting and exciting. We made our trip on the Independence day. We started early in the morning, took some food and equipments. And in the afternoon we were on the tip of hoverer. We made friends with a lot of people and made many photos.

In July i went to my grandmother who lives In the village. I had a very good time there, because i had an active rest. I got up early In the morning and worked In the vegetable garden. I helped my granny to water the vegetables and to take care of the plants. The days In the country passed very quickly. I had a lot of things to do every day. Sometimes I went to the forest.

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After each term in school pupils have holidays. It Is cool to have holidays. You can do whatever you like and you dont have to get up early. Most of all I like summer literature holidays because they are the longest ones. Last summer was very interesting for. I dont go to the seaside or somewhere abroad but I spent a good time with my family and my friends. In June i with my friends watched Euro 201 2 and we didnt miss any match. It was a great event for Ukraine. And I think at that moment everybody believed In the victory.

summer holiday writing
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Your pile of unused Moleskine notebooks at home show that you tried before, but.«. «My last summer holiday.».

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  1. In the second case, before giving the handouts out, ask students to think about words that are logically connected to the topic of summer holiday. Knowledge seekers course dates for our summer workshops and Saturday creative writing workshops in south London. Summer holiday, time for writing that bestseller youre dreaming.

  2. My summer holiday - short essay. I like summer very much. This doesnt mean that I dont like spring, winter or autumn, but the fact that you do not.

  3. Summer, holiday by The didds we're all going on a summer holiday, so sung Cliff in 1963 It all went wrong with Yorkshire's constabulary, aided and. After each term in school pupils have holidays. Summer, writing, assignment college Essay.

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