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Share with us adversity in the comments! To-dos: Check your companys paper workflow, customer satisfaction, and teams efficiency. If you think its time to get paper out of your processes and you need some expert assistance (technology / implementation / consulting get in touch with us, if you have already implemented a paper-free initiative, what have been the keys to success? Share with us in the comments. Subscribe to our blog to receive valuable insights about essay document management and paper-free processes. Download the ebook/Industry watch Report Paper-free progress: measuring outcomes and see how paper-free is improving productivity, accessibility and compliance, the progress youve made and how your organization compares to others).

Several organizations are already benefiting from. Aiim study around paper-free processes and paperless solutions, shows that the biggest advantage cited by digital mailroom users is the faster turnaround to customers, eliminating days, if not weeks in the back and forth cycle resumes of correspondence. Reduction or redeployment of staff physically handling mail is the next biggest benefit. The ability to invest in more sophisticated equipment that is shared between multiple operational units results in improved data capture quality for downstream processes, cited. Then comes immediate access for mobile, telework or outsource staff, able to see the days post even when not on the premises. There are also compliance benefits where the logging and tracking of customer correspondence are important. Have you already started your journey to a paperless office and implemented a digital mailroom? Do you agree with these benefits or have another one?

paperless solutions

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Large amounts of content fill up mailboxes and desks every day, containing mixed information with different purposes and destinations. Capturing, organizing, collaborating, storing, searching, publishing and delivering all of it involves high levels of risks unless you count with a good completely functional and dematerialized document management solution. Thats why digital mailrooms are usually a great starting point for a paperless office. . A digital mailroom is the automation of incoming mail processes. Using document scanning and document capture technologies, companies can digitize incoming mail and automate the classification and distribution of mail within the organization. Both paper and email can be managed through the same process allowing companies to standardize their internal mail distribution procedures and adhere to company compliance policies. With a digital mailroom, organizations gain real and advanced capture capabilities that allow achieving long-term business goals more quickly and in a less expensive way. And the earlier in the process that content is scanned, the greater the benefits of electronic routing, process monitoring, and compliance logging. With modern systems, the digital mailroom can also be distributed to branch offices or remote operations, and extended across multiple inbound channels.

Lockheed Martin estimates savings of eight million sheets of paper and 250,000 by putting a 100-page. Pdf manual on the Internet. Bell Atlantic saved 29 tons of paper and more than 60,000 by expanding the use of electronic purchasing orders and invoices. As these examples indicate, theres no need for a distinction between paper reduction efforts that are good for the environment and good for the business. The two even amplify each other, while cost-savings will be the most tangible benefit, a reputation for being environmentally conscious is also good for the business. The goal: a paperless office. Where to start: with a digital mailroom. Managing and searching for documents within organizations carries significant time and costs.

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paperless solutions

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So, why change to a paperless help office? Which are the main benefits of nation having a paperless office? First of all, imagine how your reputation will increase for being environmentally conscious. Second, as a manual and error-prone process, if not accurately managed, paper has clear negative effects on business efficiency. If you still dont know if its time to do something regarding this issue, check out the different signs that demonstrate the time is now. Paperless solutions: where environment and business intersect. Regardless of whether a company approaches paper reduction from an environmental or economic perspective, businesses frequently find a high return on investment for their paper reduction efforts.

As the examples below demonstrate, any scale of effort can result in worthwhile savings (. Source: Business guide to paper reduction heather Sarantis forestEthics general Electric estimated an up to 10 billion cost reduction in the coming years through digitizing many of its processes. This effort has already helped ge identify approximately.5 billion in potential cost-savings. Public Service Electric and Gas Company saved 100 tons of paper and 320,000 through the use of electronic communications. Legacy health Systems saved 279,000 in reduced paper consumption by centralizing files, reducing distribution lists, and consolidating forms.

But we can help any company or individual go paperless! History, established in 2003. Paperless Solutions was incorporated in 2003 and after 18 months of software development and market research the company focused on the real estate market. Paperless Solutions developed a scanning system converting pdfs into a secure online digital archive. Not only were the files organized and digitized for secure online storage but clients received their documents on a personalized cd that places the realtor's icon on their desktop and automatically launches them to the realtor's web site in real time.

The full service paper document conversion process was so successful Paperless Solutions expanded into all industries. In may 2016 we became one of the six certified Green companies in the city of Thousand oaks! Meet the business Owner, steve and Kim have been business owners in the ventura county for over 35 years before becoming the current owners of Paperless Solutions in 2011. Since 2011 they have worked to grow the business into multiple industries and focused their attention on helping more companies and individuals declutter their paperwork. Being environmentally friendly individuals, Steve and Kim's mission is to help people organize their loose paperwork into the eco-friendly storage of the online digital world. Most players in the market are talking and thinking about paperless offices, paperless solutions, and processes. Well, youve always worked with paper and everything was all right until now.

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There was never once when they did not have a solution for us and words every time, it surpassed what we had anticipated. Anything I dreamed of these guys made it happen.". Merle hambakis - general Manager, msc cruises. Specialties, we are a local company specializing in document scanning, archiving, on-line storage and shredding. We have been serving the conejo valley since 2003. We help individuals and companies take the paper out of their Paperwork! In addition we process transactions for agents, appraisers, brokers, escrow degenerative and mortgage. Our core service converts paper based closed transactions, real estate documents and escrow files into digital files archived on-line in a protected environment available 24/7. For those who do not wish to have their files stored online, we also transfer the paperwork onto a personal cd or flash drive.

paperless solutions

Contact Us, birmingham:, bristol:, london. Manchester:, southampton:, email: our Services Include. Latest News, join our Newsletter. "Paperless have enabled us to track, capture and centralise our whole communications process. Before they came on board, all we did was chase papers. Every second week, employees would work overtime, just filing. We needed a system where we could automate our administrative process; we needed a more efficient filing system. Honestly though, they took it way beyond. There was a lot of consultation and it was a good friendship.

Office space is freed up fewer filing cabinets, more floor space. Security of confidential information is locked down. External storage company costs can be removed. Documents are digitised and immediately backed. This reduces the risk of theft, loss through fire or flood. Print hardware, consumables and paper costs are reduced. Compliance is achieved more easily, labour costs can be reduced.

Completing a document audit to understand the most paper dependant and most inefficient areas of your business. Making recommendations for the best path to a paperless / paper light office. Often this maybe a combination of archive scanning, ongoing scanning and integration of document management software. Supporting the transition phase. Providing project planning and project management services. Working with your own team to integrate technologies into your own back office systems and current software set-up. Ongoing storage, scanning and support services.

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Paperless Office paper Light Office solutions. To", wikipedia, a paperless office is a work environment in which the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced. This is done by converting documents and other papers into digital form. Proponents claim that going paperless can save money, boost productivity, save space, make documentation and information sharing easier, keep personal information more secure, and help the environment. The services offered by ors group can help facilitate the paperless office concept in particular through the use of our document scanning services and document management software. We are here to help you with the transition from a traditionally inefficient paper heavy environment to a super efficient and up to data paper free or paper light office. Our experienced team are here to help with: Understanding your own unique office environment and the processes you currently the have in place.

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We also offer an expert digital mailroom service.

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  1. Most players in the market are talking and thinking about paperless solutions and processes. You ve always worked with paper, so why. Cull Paperless are wirral based specialists in document scanning, cloud storage digital archiving.

  2. Our adopti on rate has exceeded our expectations and we continue to get very positive. A paperless Office solution from ors group can help you remove paper documents, in crease productivity, reduce costs, improve security and efficiency. 4 reviews of Paperless Solutions paperless redding doc uments eventually we almost all end up with tax returns, home.

  3. Going Paperless has helped us speed. Becoming a greener company overnight is a daunting task, but taking small steps is a sure way to get there. First, take a look at how your company manages. Gopaperless Solutions has integrated with our custom forms application.

  4. See who you know at Paperless Solutions, Incorporated, leverage your. paperless has given us an easier solution to work with. It saves us time and money and is genius in terms of simplicity.

  5. Paperless Solutions is an end-to-end customer oriented, green company that is cent ered on the digitization of hard copy files. Learn about working at Paperless Solutions, Incorporated. Join LinkedIn today for free.

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