Essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio

Friendship in The merchant Of Venice - marked by teachers

essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio

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Depending on your decision, things don't go quite as planned. My hero Academia has what seems to be a fairly straightforward entrance for ua academy, with each prospective hero tasked with gathering points by defeating mock villains. Little do they know, another score is tallied in secret by a panel of judges: a "rescue score" measuring each entrant's willingness to save others in spite of the fact that there was no reward or glory. Izuku midoriya's rescuing a fellow entrant from a mock villain that gave no points earned him a high enough score from rescue points that, even with no points from defeating other mock villains, allow him to pass the test. InuYasha : Inuyasha is trying to get a new ability for his sword from a demon in the underworld. His friends are in danger, and though the demon warns him that he'll never be able to get the upgrade if he turns away to help his friends, he does.

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Setsuna : The choices you gave me — it wasn't that I needed strength to defeat you, but what I did need to break through was to truly realize the power of my own will! That was the answer, wasn't it?! Eva : injured Nhn? In Black cat, after kyoko does her heel Face turn, sephiria offers her either death or a position among Chronos' Erasers. Kyoko refuses, and Sephiria reveals that it was all a test of her vow to train to never kill again. In the Tsukihime manga, ciel tests whether akiha has it in her to be a murderer. Threatening her and her brother and then fighting her to the death. What akiha doesn't know is that ciel cannot be (permanently) killed/injured, so ciel is free to test akiha's power with impunity. She also tries this in the original Visual novel with Shiki, who is afraid that he is the murderer who has been stalking the streets in his dreams. Shiki has Mystic eyes of death Perception, which allows him to bypass any and all forms of regeneration or immortality.

When one of them accidentally cuts her air tube and starts losing air and sinking, locksmith doesn't send in the divers straight away, because he wants to see how Hachimaki would react. While the other applicants swam down to save her, hachimaki simply continued with the test. He passes while the others all fail from running out of time, and Locksmith reveals that he is impressed by hachimaki. The logic is that, while hachi's behavior seems ruthless at first glance, if the event had occurred for real during the von Braun mission, saving the ship, the mission, and everyone on board would have taken preference over saving one crewmate. Subverted in Mahou sensei negima! evangeline decides that Setsuna has become "too soft to prevent another failure in protecting her charge konoka— she may not be able to Shoot the dog if she needed. So eva tries to force setsuna to choose between her " sword or ordinary happiness ". Setsuna takes short it a different way.

essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio

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His girlfriend keiko rushes into a fire to save his body, which he can't come back to life without, and he is given the choice to throw his MacGuffin into the fire and save her from almost-certain death, but in exchange, the macGuffin wouldn't. Yusuke does throw the macGuffin save keiko, and at lab the end, koenma reveals that if he hadn't done that, the macGuffin would have eaten him instead of helping him. Since he saved keiko, which was the real solution to the test, koenma decides to resurrect Yusuke personally as a reward. And later in the series, the macGuffin turns out to still be intact and hatches, revealing a cute, little mascot-like spirit animal named puu. In the manga, yusuke sacrifices all his accumulated "virtue" to save keiko. Koenma comes into contact with Yusuke's virtues and determines that Yusuke has both good and bad qualities and above all else, acts without thinking. He decides that as it's too difficult to pin down Yusuke's character while he's a ghost, he should let Yusuke back into his body. In Planetes, the trope is subverted when Hachimaki is trying to get on the von Braun's crew, and has to repair a simulated life support failure in a large tank of water as part of a test. Several other applicants are doing the test simultaneously, and Werner Locksmith, who is in charge of the von Braun mission, lied to them that if a dangerous accident occurred, no divers would come in to save them.

Because the twins weren't really sure they wanted to have any friends, and weren't sure what they wanted in a friend, they switched places, misintroduced themselves to new people, tried to copy each other's personalities, and lied about whether somebody had correctly identified them, all. Tamaki's utter insistence that he was their friend regardless of how inadequate they evaluated him as, coupled with growing maturity, wore them down enough that when Haruhi came along with the actual ability to easily tell them apart they were able to accept it without. By the series' start the "guess who is who" routine had become a slightly mocking game with clients rather than a vicious rejection of the rest of the world. A few of the gym leaders do this in pokémon, which makes sense as their job is to test trainers in a multitude of ways. Yu yu hakusho : Yusuke's mentor Genkai tells him that the only way he can master her ultimate technique, which he absolutely needs to do if he wants to survive the coming battles, is by killing her. Yusuke spends some time agonizing about it, then tells Genkai that he can't. It turns out he did exactly the correct thing, because by refusing to kill her he proved that he was a moral person and by not rejecting her request immediately proved he wasn't so mentally weak that he wouldn't at least consider that it might. Also appears during an earlier episode of the series, when Yusuke is a ghost.

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essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio

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The one planned by rasa, the fourth kazekage, for his youngest child gaara failed miserably. Rasa wanted to test his six year old son's ability to control the tailed beast inside him. How to go about it? Order the boy's uncle, his caretaker and only person in the world he really has, to assassinate him and tell him that his mother (who died giving birth to gaara) never loved him. Presumably the idea was that if gaara could keep control after all that then all was well. Instead it just drove gaara over the edge, something he wouldn't recover from until after Rasa's death six years essay later.

Mx0 : When taiga meets Rendou niigaki for training to improve his skills with the M0 Plate, rendou tells him to gather mushrooms from around the island for a potion. The truth is that he does not expect taiga to find a single mushroom since they are out of season and is actually testing if taiga has the commitment needed for the training. Ouran High School Host Club : In middle school, whenever either one of the identical twins hikaru and kaoru got a love letter from a classmate, the one it was intended for would meet with her, pretend to be the other twin (claiming renewable she "put. When the girl inevitably agreed to this, it proved she not only didn't know the twins well enough to see their individual personalities, but in fact saw them as completely interchangeable; and they both rejected her. The manga expands a bit on this, making it clear that it wasn't just prospective dates: at that age passing the twins' tests enough to interact in any emotionally significant way was impossible.

Kakashi has two bells and claims that only those with a bell will pass the test (there are always three people attempting). This would naturally prompt people to attempt to grab the bells by themselves, allowing kakashi to easily defeat them in a one-on-one fight. The actual test is to see who would propose to the others that they all work together to get the bells for the good of all. If they fail that test, he has another one in which he explains the purpose of the original test, then offers to give them a second chance, but leaves them with one teammate tied up and receiving no lunch and a warning to not feed. If they are willing to put the welfare of their team ahead of their leader's rules (i.e., share their lunch with the tied-up teammate they pass.

(kakashi states that as low as ninjas who do not follow the rules are, those who do not support their comrades are even lower.) It's worth noting that kakashi is at that point notorious for rejecting every prospective team of Genin in the past. Naruto, sasuke, and sakura are the only students who ever passed his test. When a team led by the second hokage tobirama senju was pinned down by enemies, he determined the only way any of them would escape was if one member stayed behind to delay them. He asked his subordinates for a volunteer, with Hiruzen Sarutobi immediately stepping forward. Tobirama refused having planned to sacrifice himself all along. The question was a final test to see which of his pupils would become hokage after his death and Hiruzen passed.

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If you quit, however, your whole squad fails (but may try the test again next year). Many forfeit and leave, but the protagonist stays even though he couldn't answer even one of the other questions. It turns out essay that not giving up (along with putting your team's interest before your own) is the aesop, and everyone who didn't walk out passes. The aim of the exercise was to weed out those who would betray their teammates for their personal interests, or cave to pressure from their enemies. In the tea country arc, we learn that Idate morino (the brother of the proctor for the exam Naruto took) once took a different version: one where the team learned that right before the tenth question, the person on their team with the lowest grade. In that case, everyone who stayed failed, because the inherent Aesop was to not sacrifice a teammate for personal gain. The bell test given by kakashi.

essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio

If it's not a test of moral character, it's just a secret Test or a hidden Purpose test. Open/close all folders Advertisements In this commercial for Trojan condoms which was banned (for good reason, it seems) a young woman tests her boyfriend by convincing her sister to try seducing him. She only thinks he passes the test; the commercial seems to have been based on the first entry under "jokes" below. Anime and Manga naruto : There's one of these during the first part of the Chuunin exam. An war extremely difficult written exam is given. Before the final and supposedly most difficult question is revealed, the contestants are given a chance to quit the exam. Anyone who gets it right passes by default. Get it wrong, and you fail and can never take the test again, effectively stonewalling your ninja career.

you're so evil, eat This Kitten, which is this trope applied to villainous behavior. Angel Unaware, a chat With Satan, honest Axe, leave your quest Test, nice to the waiter, and Unwinnable Training Simulation are related types of tests. What you are in the dark is related as well: Most Secret Tests involve putting you in the dark to test you. Old Beggar Test is a sub Trope involving a powerful figure disguised in rags testing the hero's moral capacities.

The hero seldom resume rejects the tester, the reward, or the whole situation on the grounds that it was an underhanded trick — and this is not only when the other character was. Mentor, threshold guardian, or otherwise an authority figure, but between equals (such. Fidelity test.) More often, the hero is profoundly relieved and/or pleased that his apparent sacrifice to his conscience has been rewarded after fearing they have lost everything. Watch for, exact Words. When a character is told that the prize depends on the "results" or "outcome" rather than the success, it will be phrased in such a manner that no one would, at first glance, take it to mean anything but success, but the character saying. (If more than one character tried, and one succeeded in the ostensible goal but still failed the test, expect bitterness. sometimes, instead of refusing or doing the act, the hero will. Take a third Option.

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"If this has been a test, i cannot see the reason, but maybe knowing I don't know is part of getting through.". The character is undertaking a challenge of courage, strength or skill for some important prize. However, at a critical moment, The hero is confronted with doing something that is morally unacceptable. Despite being warned about a forfeit if the reprehensible act is not done, the hero reluctantly stands by the decision and accepts that the challenge is lost, expecting no credit for the deed, often not expecting anyone to know. Alternately, the hero may be faced with a task outside of the challenge that is noble, but doing that task will force him to lose the prize—an innocent stranger to save during a heated race, for instance, or helping a competitor who had become injured. The hero says ". Screw the rules, i'm doing What's Right " and goes friendship to help. However, the hero is then told that that forfeiting the challenge in this way is exactly what was needed to triumph. It was actually a test of character, and the hero has passed with flying colors.

essay on friendship between antonio and bassanio
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The animation shows in details all major cellular machinery (like transcription factors, rna polymerase, ribosomes, tRNAs, etc) involved in different steps of protein biosynthesis. It all started one day, when their friend Poppy said that her Mom s doll had appeared in her dream and told her some pretty weird things.

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