Book 3 odyssey summary

Odyssey, book, xi - plot, summary

book 3 odyssey summary

The, odyssey : book

For nine years' space were we busied plotting their ruin with all manner of wiles; and hardly did the son of Cronos bring it to pass. 120 There no man ventured to vie with him in counsel, since goodly Odysseus far excelled in all manner of wiles,—thy father, if indeed thou art his son. Amazement holds me as I look on thee, for verily thy speech is like his; nor would one think 125 that a younger man would speak so like him. Now all the time that we were there goodly Odysseus and I never spoke at variance either in the assembly or in the council, but being of one mind advised the Argives with wisdom and shrewd counsel how all might be for the best. 130 But when we had sacked the lofty city of Priam, and had gone away in our ships, and a god had scattered the Achaeans, then, even then, zeus planned in his heart a woeful return for the Argives, for in no wise prudent. Wherefore many of them met an evil fate 135 through the fell wrath of the flashing-eyed goddess, the daughter of the mighty sire, for she caused strife between the two sons of Atreus.

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Ithaca that is below neion; proposal but this business whereof I speak is mine own, and concerns not the people. I come after the wide-spread rumor of my father, if haply i may hear of it, even of goodly Odysseus of the steadfast heart, who once, men say, 85 fought by thy side and sacked the city of the Trojans. For of all men else, as many as warred with the Trojans, we learn where each man died a woeful death, but of him the son of Cronos has made even the death to be past learning; for no man can tell surely where. Therefore am I now come to thy knees, if perchance thou wilt be willing to tell me of his woeful death, whether thou sawest it haply with thine own eyes, or didst hear from some other the story 95 of his wanderings; 3 for beyond. And do thou nowise out of ruth or pity for me speak soothing words, but tell me truly how thou didst come to behold him. I beseech thee, if ever my father, noble Odysseus, promised aught to thee of word or deed and fulfilled it 100 in the land of the Trojans, where you achaeans suffered woes, be mindful of it now, i pray thee, and tell me the very. Then the horseman, nestor of, gerenia, answered him: my friend, since thou hast recalled to my mind the sorrow which we endured in that land, we sons of the Achaeans, unrestrained in daring,— 105 all that we endured on shipboard, as we roamed giver after booty. There lies warlike aias, there Achilles, 110 there patroclus, the peer of the gods in counsel; and there my own dear son, strong alike and peerless, Antilochus, pre-eminent in speed of foot and as a warrior. Aye, and many other ills we suffered besides these; who of mortal men could tell them all? 115 nay, if for five years' space or six years' space thou wert to abide here, and ask of all the woes which the goodly Achaeans endured there, thou wouldest grow weary ere the end and get thee back to thy native land.

But when they had put from them the desire of food eksempel and drink, the horseman, nestor. Gerenia, 2 spoke first among them: Now verily is it seemlier to ask and enquire 70 of the strangers who they are, since now they have had their joy of food. Strangers, who are ye? Whence do ye sail over the watery ways? Is it on some business, or do ye wander at random over the sea, even as pirates, who wander hazarding their lives and bringing evil to men of other lands? 75 Then wise telemachus took courage, and made answer, for Athena herself put courage in his heart, that he might ask about his father that was gone, and that good report might be his among men: Nestor, son of Neleus, great glory of the Achaeans. We have come from.

book 3 odyssey summary

The, odyssey - introduction

45 And when thou hast poured libations and hast prayed, as is fitting, then give thy friend also the cup of honey-sweet wine that desk he may pour, since he too, i ween, prays to the immortals; for all men have need of the gods. Howbeit he is the younger, of like age with myself, 50 wherefore to thee first will I give the golden cup. So he spake, and placed in her hand the cup of sweet wine. But Pallas Athena rejoiced at the man's wisdom and judgment, in that to her first he gave the golden cup; and straightway she prayed earnestly to the lord Poseidon: 55 hear me, poseidon, thou earth-enfolder, and grudge not in answer to our prayer to bring. To nestor, first of all, and to his sons vouchsafe renown, and then do book thou grant to the rest gracious requital for this glorious hecatomb, even to all the men. Pylos ; 60 and grant furthermore that Telemachus and I may return when we have accomplished all that for which we came hither with our swift black ship. Thus she prayed, and was herself fulfilling all. Then she gave telemachus the fair two-handled 1 cup, and in like manner the dear son of Odysseus prayed. 65 Then when they had roasted the outer flesh and drawn it off the spits, they divided the portions and feasted a glorious feast.

25 Then the goddess, flashing-eyed Athena, answered him: Telemachus, somewhat thou wilt of thyself devise in thy breast, and somewhat heaven too will prompt thee. For, methinks, not without the favour of the gods hast thou been born and reared. So spake pallas Athena, and led the way 30 quickly; but he followed in the footsteps of the goddess; and they came to the gathering and the companies of the men. There nestor sat with his sons, and round about his people, making ready the feast, were roasting some of the meat and putting other pieces on spits. But when they saw the strangers they all came thronging about them, 35 and clasped their hands in welcome, and bade them sit down. First Nestor's son peisistratus came near and took both by the hand, and made them to sit down at the feast on soft fleeces upon the sand of the sea, beside his brother Thrasymedes and his father. 40 Thereupon he gave them portions of the inner meat and poured wine in a golden cup, and, pledging her, he spoke to pallas Athena, daughter of zeus who bears the aegis: Pray now, stranger, to the lord Poseidon, for his is the feast whereon.

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book 3 odyssey summary

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Pylos, the well-built citadel of Neleus. 5 Here the townsfolk on the shore of the sea were offering sacrifice of black bulls to the dark-haired Earth-shaker. Nine companies there were, and unique five hundred men sat in each, and in each they held nine bulls ready for sacrifice. Now when they had tasted the inner parts and were burning the thigh-pieces to the god, 10 the others put straight in to the shore, and hauled up and furled the sail of the shapely ship, and moored her, and themselves stepped forth. Forth too from the ship stepped Telemachus, and Athena led the way. And the goddess, flashing-eyed Athena, spake first to him, and said: book Telemachus, no longer hast thou need to feel shame, no, not a whit.

15 For to this end hast thou sailed over the sea, that thou mightest seek tidings of thy father,—where the earth covered him, and what fate he met. But come now, go straightway to nestor, tamer of horses; let us learn what counsel he keepeth hid in his breast. And do thou beseech him thyself that he may tell thee the very truth. 20 A lie will he not utter, for he is wise indeed. Then wise telemachus answered her: Mentor, how shall I go, and how shall I greet him? I am as yet all unversed in subtle speech, and moreover a young man has shame to question an elder.

The first thing that Telemachus notices upon arrival at Pylos is the huge celebration in honor of Poseidon. Before the prince leaves with Pisistratus for Sparta, nestor holds another sacrificial feast in honor of Athena, whom, he realizes, has honored him with a visit. To the Greeks, such displays of devotion were important because the Greeks thought of the gods as being functioning parts of their daily lives in matters both great and small. Pleasing the gods was a practical, as well as a spiritual, endeavor. Glossary, king Priam king of Troy, killed when the city fell to the Greeks.

Flotilla a small fleet of ships or small boats. Myrmidons legendary Greek warriors of ancient Thessaly who followed their king, Achilles, into the Trojan War. Mycenae, agamemnon's capital city, in the northeastern Peloponnesus of ancient Greece. Libations liquids poured in offering to a god or gods as part of a religious ritual. Cauconians people living to the southwest of Pylos). 1 And now the sun, leaving the beauteous mere, sprang up into the brazen heaven to give light to the immortals and to mortal men on the earth, the giver of grain; and they came.

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The two illicit lovers murdered the great warrior upon his return from the Trojan War. Menelaus, Agamemnon's brother, was absent and thus unable to avenge his death. Later, Agamemnon's children, Orestes (his son) and Electra (his daughter gained vengeance by killing Aegisthus and the queen. Homer's audience would recognize the widely known story, which later appeared in the works of Sophocles, aeschylus, euripides, and the twentieth-century American dramatist Eugene o'neill, among others. While penelope's character contrasts with Clytemnestra's in virtue and loyalty, suitors such as Antinous and Eurymachus echo the sinister Aegisthus. Just as Nestor's tale of Agamemnon's fate underscores the importance of human loyalty, the visit itself illustrates the importance of devotion to the gods. Nestor expresses this devotion through sacrificial feasts.

book 3 odyssey summary

In addition to hospitality, two themes dominate the visit with Nestor: loyalty to human comrades and family, and devotion to the gods. The Odyssey, homer's characters refer to Agamemnon's story several times. The tale of Agamemnon's death stands in contrast to events in Ithaca but also serves as a warning of what can happen when loyalty goes awry. Telemachus, growing in the social graces and truly wanting to learn, encourages Nestor's account of the murder of Agamemnon. Agamemnon was a great warrior, commander of the Greek forces, and chief of their largest contingent business at Troy. When he went to war, he left his cousin Aegisthus in charge at home in Mycenae. Motivated by greed and lust, aegisthus betrayed this trust and seduced Agamemnon's wife, clytemnestra.

a great king. Nestor talks of the old days and significantly elaborates on the story of Agamemnon's murder. He has little to offer regarding Odysseus, having last seen Ithaca's king shortly after the victory at Troy, but he suggests that Telemachus and Nestor's son Pisistratus proceed to Sparta to visit Menelaus, Agamemnon's brother, who may be of more help to the guests. Athena returns to the ship to instruct the crew before she leaves on other errands. After another sacrificial feast, nestor provides a chariot and team of steeds for the two princes' journey to Sparta. Analysis, the first four books of, the Odyssey are known to scholars as the "Telemacheia they deal with the young prince's quest for information about his father as well as his own journey toward manhood. In the latter sense, this section of the epic is very much a coming-of-age story. Athena/Mentor is a helpful guide to the prince's decorum and always aware that Telemachus must quickly become a man and a warrior.

The Odyssey summary book iii, art of Worldly wisdom daily, sonnet-a-day newsletter. Shakespeare front wrote over 150 sonnets! Join our Sonnet-a-day newsletter and read them all, one at a time. Languages: English, Espanol, site copyright jalic Inc. As seen In: usa today "Hot Sites". Bookmark this page, summary, as Telemachus and Athena (still disguised as Mentor) arrive at Pylos, they come upon a huge ceremony in which some 4,500 people offer 81 bulls in sacrifice to poseidon. Telemachus feels awkward and embarrassed by his youth and inexperience, but under Athena/Mentor's guidance, he makes a favorable impression on King Nestor, oldest of the Greek chieftains.

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Subscribe for ad free access additional features for teachers. Authors: 267, books: 3,607, poems short Stories: 4,435, forum Members: 71,154, forum Posts: 1,238,602, quizzes: 344, book 3, on the morning of the third day, telemachus arrives in Pylos, kingdom of aged Nestor, who had fought in the Trojan War. Telemachus and his guide Athena, still in the form of Mentor, are welcomed by the pylians, who are sacrificing a bull to poseidon, god of the sea. Telemachus identifies himself and announces his mission. Nestor's reply is characteristically lengthy: he reports the homecoming essay of the heroes of Troy, relating the murder of Agamemnon by his wife, clytemnestra, and his cousin, aegisthus, and the revenge of Agamemnon's son, Orestes, who slew the murderers of his father; Agamemnon's brother, menelaus, was. Nestor bids Telemachus visit Menelaus at Sparta and offers him, on Athena's suggestion, a chariot and his son, peisistratus, as companion. Telemachus spends the night at Nestor's palace and, after a sacrifice, travels throughout the fourth day and part of the fifth to Sparta. Literature network homer ».

book 3 odyssey summary
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  4. New Characters Nestor: the aged counselor of the Greeks during the Trojan War peis istratus: the youngest son of Nestor Summary. Or didst hear from some other the story 95 of his wanderings; for beyond all. I beseech thee, if ever my father, noble Odysseus, promised aught to thee.

  5. On the morning of the third day, telemachus arrives in p ylos, kingdom of aged Nestor, who had fought in the Trojan War. Need help with book 3 in Homer s The Odyssey? Check out our revolutionary side -by-side summary and analysis.

  6. He also gets the. Nestor talks of the old days and significantly elaborates on the story of Agamemno n s murder. He has little to offer regarding Odysseus, having last seen Ithaca.

  7. A summary of books 34 in Homer s The Odyssey. Learn exactly what happened i n this chapter, scene, or section of The Odyssey and what it means. Free summary and analysis of book 3 in Homer s The Odyssey that won t make you snore. Telemachos heads to pylos, where he gets news of what happened to some of the othe r heroes of the Trojan War, but not his father.

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